reservationsThe best way to make a reservations is to contact us in order to see what suits you best.  We will listen to your needs and make you the best possible proposal in order to give you an unforgettable day on the water.






Prices are depending from what kind of boat you want, which are divided in classes. Please contact us for class prices.

   Sportive RIB

     >7m & > 200hp

class one

   Sportive RIB

     >7,5m & >250HP

class two

   Sportive RIB

     > 9m & > 350 hp

class three
  • Prices are including skipper.
  • Prices are a day (max 8h including transport).
  • Prices are ex VAT.
  • Prices are ex fuel & oils (see Average fuel consumption at boats list ).
  • Prices are ex transportcost for ribs => 7,5 m, except when leaving from home port.


  • Destinations can be changed due to weather condtions.
  • Trips are on appointment.
  • Reservations are definite after payment of 25% in advance.  75% of payment before sail.
  • Reservations at least 1 month in advance.