news Our comeback with an Osprey RIB boat

Published → Saturday, August 8, 2020 8:08 AM

It has been proven in the past: Osprey is a realable sportsboat. Designed in the 90-ies for the North Sea.


The Osprey Lynx 26 is one of the fastest RIBs in its class. Due to the hard polyester nose, this RIB cuts through all waves. For those who are not afraid of some liveliness, this range is for true speed devils. The Lynx carves into the water like a knife: no slip. This sturdy no-nonsense RIB lasts a lifetime and is equipped with a set of hypalon tubes that ensure stability on the water. There is no room for kitsch and gadgets in the boat. This boat is the ultimate translation of power, maneuverability and reliability.

Yamaha 250-Vmax HPDI

This 2003 "special edition" 2-stroke direct injection engine powers our racing boat. The highly optimized engines are designed to deliver breathtaking out of the hole acceleration and blistering top speeds. Every aspect of the design - from the special water inlets to the unique concave nosecone and the Peak Response Induction System - is tuned for performance. This is where Yamaha's long experience in 2-stroke racing really shows itself.

Osprey ... a passion for action

The Osprey range of RIBs goes from 5.15m all the way up to 8.6m, with options to suit leaisure, diving, commercial or racing so whatever you're looking for, we've got it covered... Explorer this superior range ribs on