news Racing console mounted on Osprey Lynx RIB

Published → Friday, November 20, 2020 12:12 PM

An Osprey Lynx RIB is designed to be the fastest rib in his class. Unbelievable still but...... true! Many other designers before them tried to take up the challenge, but even more were those who had to give up. After working hard for months, building, testing, modifying, reshape moulds and retrials the finally accomplished their challenge. The Osprey Lynx was born! His performances are indeed unmatched , a beautifull nomination in the British Ribraces and several records are a living proof. The racing console has two bucked seats with extreme comfort for the drivers.

See overall view of the Osprey RIB with console.

View of the 2-person racing console

Driving the boat in the bucked seat! Driving the boat in the bucked seat.