news How to achieve a race boat

Published → Sunday, February 6, 2022 6:06 AM

If you plan a winter holiday and want to ski, you need snow. In contrast, navigating a boat is always possible, especially when that boat is a RIB, a rigid inflatable boat.

November 2021. It's winter. Cold, minus 12 degrees. But not for Quentin and Kris. They are in Riga. After selling the Osprey Lynx boat, it's urgent to find a new race boat. The Technohull 688 race edition is their candidate.

Februar 2022. The Brugge Marine Center team takes the risk and bought the Technohull. After 2000 kilometers on the truck, time to prepare unloading. Thanks to master chief Willem, the boat is safely unloaded from truck.

With the right infrastructure a boat of 7.2 meters can easily be deloaded in the technical space of Brugge Marine Center.